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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Some brilliant ways to educate children

Many people who experience difficulties and become stressful and feel the inner pressure when parenting a child to be a good child and obey the rules and norms of family or community. Such events may happen to you. When a child is ordered to do something, children often argue with the various reasons they have.
Why children often refuse to do something or even give reasons that are not acceptable to parents. So that parents feel fail to educate their children well in accordance with family rules and community norms. This is the inspiration for the author to bring opinions on how to educate children properly and correctly. You may have tried to develop a different pattern of parenting, but the results are far from what you would expect or remain unprofitable. Understandably, the attitude of defiance of children that have been formed long ago so difficult to change.
According to James Lehman, behavioral therapy of children, it is never too late to change it. It may not be easy, but there are effective and educative ways you can do to change the way you respond and improve the behavior of children.

1. Start one by one. When the child gets upset and goes into the room and slams the door while yelling at you, do the one thing you want to change first. You can say something like, "Do not swear, it's rude and does not solve the problem, and you make me sad, next time you do not swear when you're upset?" Then, give me choices about what to do. For example, go into the room in order to calm down. Once the swearing affair is over, you can go to another matter. Change one by one behavior that you feel is wrong. Do not try to solve everything at once.

Monday, 2 October 2017



One dimension of competence Principal / Madrasah is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship in this case means for the benefit of a social nature of education is not to commercialize the business interests of the school / madrasah. Entrepreneurship in education is taken characteristics (nature) as an innovative, hard-working, strong motivation, never give up, creatively to find the best solution, and have entrepreneurial instincts. All these features are beneficial to the Head of school / madrasah in developing the School / Madrasah, achieving success of the school / madrasah, perform basic tasks and functions, facing obstacles school / madrasah, and manage the school / madrasah as a source of student learning. Entrepreneurship is the ability to create something new in a creative and innovative ways to realize the added value. Creative means to produce something that has never existed before. Innovative means to repair / modify / develop something that already exists. Value means a better value than ever.

Some argue that the term entrepreneurship is an acronym for: Creative, Energetic, comprehensive insights, innovative, business plan, Aggressive, Tenacious, Supple, Enthusiastic, save, Asa, Ambition, Negotiative. Actually, there are many more properties that must be owned by an entrepreneur for example, risked by calculating, able to take advantage of opportunities, communicative, able to market, able to negotiate. But in this training material is restricted to the properties contained in the five entrepreneurial entrepreneurial competence according to Permendiknas Number 13 Year 2007 on the Standards for School / Madrasah.


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The essence of human rights in Islam

The essence of human rights in Islam
The formulation of the above human rights is generally the same as those preceded by the early scholars, who are unlikely to be like the West. Meanwhile, if we look further in the final fatwa of the Prophet who was advised at the Hajj Wada 'event, 1400 years ago in Mecca, we will find that the rights declared in the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Right) on the UN Charter, have a significant correlation between the two, even to say far before the existence of the UDHR, Islam has upholds the values ​​of human rights in its teaching system. Here is an excerpt from the sermon of the Prophet:

Listen to me O People, because I do not know if I'll see you here next year. All idol worship customs have been wiped out under my feet. Arabs are no higher than the non-Arabs, and non-Arabs are no higher than the Arabs. You are all the sons of Adam, and Adam was created from the ground. Really, all Muslims are brothers. Your slaves, eat as you eat, and dress as you dress. The bloody hostility that occurred during the ignorance has been banned. Remember God when you have a woman. You have the right to them and they are entitled to you. In fact, you should consider your own blood, property, and honor that can  not be tampered with until the Day of Judgment. In fact, a man is only responsible for his own actions. Children are not responsible for the actions of their father, nor are their fathers responsible for the crime of their children. When a defective Abesinian slave holds over you and guides you according to the Book of Allah, then obey him "(Bukhori

The proclamation of the Qur'an through the above verse contains the principle of recognition and protection of human rights as the fundamental rights that God has given him. Recognition and protection of these rights in the Islamic political system are emphasized in three main points, namely (1) human equality; (2) human dignity; and (3) human freedom (Azhary 1992: 95). In human equality, as described in the previous discussion of the principle of "equality", the Qur'an has outlined and designated a common status or position for all human beings. 

Thursday, 31 August 2017



Formulation of the problem
What is the problem of education?
What are the main issues of education in Indonesia?
How is the right solution to solve it?
What are the factors that influence the development of educational problems?
Destination Problems
To know the meaning of the problem of education.
To find out the various main problems of education in Indonesia.
To find out the solution of the problems of education in Indonesia.
To know the factors that influence the development of education problems.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Seven Tips to Master Fun Teachers

Seven  Tips to Master Fun 
Teachers are one of the many professions that coveted everyone. Because many thought to be a teacher is light work because it only works in the morning until noon
Moreover, the salary is quite tempting. Being a teacher is not only to be knowledgeable, but also must have the skills to carry yourself during teaching. Well here we will discuss about 5 tips to become a teacher happily and cheerfully
1. Smile Smiling into the tips number 1, why? Because with a smile can bring positive energy to everyone. Likewise, when was teaching when the teacher smiling students into receiving positive energy. It can arouse students' motivation for in a good atmosphere. 

2. Make friends with students Although as a teacher would be nice if the relationship between teachers and students packed into a friendship, create a student does not feel awkward poured out his heart to the teacher. Think of the student as a friend, especially when it is resting. Then the student will be like his teacher because it can be a good friend. 

3. Avoid moody nature The teacher is a job that interact directly with the object of life, namely students. Do not let the students were subjected to a bad mood due to personal problems. Because it can affect the way teachers teach as well as admissions about what is conveyed by the teacher. Try to be a teacher who can solve problems of mood, so it does not interfere with the performance as a professional teacher. So that students can learn well.

 4. Get angry with sage Angry is human nature, but man is a human quality that can address the anger wisely. a teacher very closely with the emotions because there is only one or two students faced but dozens. The student's character is also different, there is quiet, there is also an active adherent and difficult to control. Of course this can ignite the emotions of teachers, control the anger with polite discourse so as to set a good example to the students. Not with harsh words especially physical violence, it is not recommended! Guaranteed students will like the type of teacher like this.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Teaching children while playing games

Teaching children while playing games .Teaching children while playing gamesPlaying is an activity or activities to please. Play can also be a learning tool for children. Learning are not able to be done by force because it will not produce maximum results. Can we combine learning while playing. That's why playing while learning in children may be a factor of success. While learning is a process of change that do not understand being understood, from not knowing to knowing. 
Therefore, the study will get something we do not know or understand. Yet, how difficult it is to teach children to understand what is given. Every child has different abilities and different ways. Kids sometimes easy to feel quickly bored and tired of learning if done seriously. Kids generally love to play, because the child's world is a world of play. Therefore, an educator must be able to provide learning through play so that they are easier to understand what will be given. It aims to attract passion and their attention to more quickly understand. Play and learn to get children to be independent and socializing on the surrounding environment, controlling emotions and work together with friends.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

The smart way to handle and overcome students guilty

In relating to the problem. The smart way to handle and overcome students guilty ,We see at present that many arise in the community that the problem of juvenile delinquency. Why does the problem arise in the life of society? The problem arises because due to several factors: The first factor, because the development of the mass media today. The mass media has a profound influence on the lives of the present. The second factor, the lack of parental pressure upon  children leaving the child does not feel pressured and can act freely. Thus, opening the door for behavior that violates the norms prevailing in the community. Therefore, parents should play an active role towards his family, especially his son.

Juvenile delinquency cause impacts on people's lives. Among other things, because of the increasingly widespread juvenile delinquency in society resulting in people become restless and uneasy due to behaviors such naughty teenagers. In addition, juvenile delinquency also cause aberrant behavior causing anarchic actions., pub-8505768845065041, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 
We can take measures to prevent juvenile delinquency. for example, as parents should often give directions are good for their children in order to shape the child's behavior was good. In addition, we as teenagers who are able to distinguish the good things with the bad things that are supposed to behave in accordance with prevailing norms in the community.

In conclusion, let us jointly participate to combat juvenile delinquency such thing. Because of juvenile delinquency is a problem that can lead to future generations is threatened. In addition, parents have a significant role to his son to keep his misbehavior.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Curriculum Assessment System in Indonesia

Curriculum Assessment System in Indonesia

Curriculum Assessment System in 2013  will be changed  back, from the system unit (1-4) returned to tens (0-100) as in the previous system. This is because the number of complaints from the Parent Guardian difficult pupils understand the system of assessment conducted as in Higher Education.
Some changes in the K13 Assessment which will be applied in this year include: attitude Assessment, Mastery learning, Mechanisms and procedures, Processing, Study report, Concept Assessment  ,Objective assessment
Formative (forming characters and behaviors, make learner as lifelong learners); diagnostics (see the development of learners and the feedback learning correction), and measuring the achievement / attainment in order to do the evaluation of learning outcomes., pub-8505768845065041, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
domains were assessed:Knowledge.skills and Attitudes and behavior (attitude and behavior of abituation and familiarization)
Results Revised Curriculum 2013 On Learning, Assessment and Criteria for completeness
The assessment process: a more simple, affordable to do, do not become a burden to the teacher / student, but still give priority to the principles and rules of assessment
Assessment conducted not only an assessment of learning (assessment of learning), but also assessment for learning (assessmet for learning) and as learning assessment (assessment as learning).
Definition Assessment Authentic  ,assessment Authentic is a form of assessment that requires learners to show attitude, using the knowledge and skills gained from learning in performing tasks on the real situation of Interest Rate Authentic.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

CHARACTER BUILDING MAKES A STATE GREAT, pub-8505768845065041, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

In everyday life, the practice of mental revolution is to become a man of integrity, willing to work hard, and have a spirit of mutual cooperation. " "The Mental Revolution is a movement to galvanize Indonesian human beings into a new man, who is white hearted, steel-bound, eagle-eagled spirit, flame-burning spirit." That is the idea of ​​the mental revolution first made by President Soekarno on the Independence Day celebration of 17 August 1956. Sukarno saw the national revolution of Indonesia when it was stagnant, but the goal of the revolution to achieve the full independence of Indonesia has not been achieved.

The revolution in the era of independence was a physical struggle, a war against invaders and allies, to defend the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. Now, 70 years after our nation became independent, the struggle was not, and it will never end. We all still have to make a revolution, but in a different sense. No longer taking up arms, but building the soul of the nation. To build an independent soul, to change the way of view, mind, attitude, and behavior to be oriented to progress and modern things, so that Indonesia becomes a big nation and able to compete with other nations in the world. Why build a free nation's soul is important? Building roads, irrigation, ports, airports, or power stations is also important.

 But as Mr.Sukarno said, to build a country, not just physical development that is material, but actually build the soul of the nation. Yes, in other words, the main capital to build a country, is to build the soul of the nation. This is the basic idea of ​​re-enacting the mental revolution movement by President Joko Widodo. The most important soul of the nation is the free soul, the soul of freedom to progress.

Learning by using problems owned by students

Learning by using problems  owned by students
Learning by using problems  owned by students  is a kind of teaching and learning which is carried out in the classroom and concerned to the strategy which is centered pedagogy in which students try to comprehend the  lesson or  subject through the students ability and competence to  solve the problem based on  an open-ended problem found in trigger material. Learning by using problems  owned by students   process does not concern  on problem solving to find out the way out of problems provided ,    but it permits for the increasing  of  desirable skills and attributes. This  covers the competence or  knowledge acquisition, enhanced group collaboration and communication. Learning by using problems  owned by students   process was increased  for treatment of  education and has since been broadened in applications for other programs of learning.  The process permits  for students  to increase competence or ability  used for their practice to come . It enhances the deep thinking  appraisal, literature retrieval and to be brave  the  ongoing learning in a group  environment.

Learning by using problems  owned by students   process involves studying or learning something  in  groups of students . Each student takes on a function in the group that can  be formal or informal and the function of students  often rotates. It is concerned  on the student's thinking  and reasoning to make  their own learning. The Maastricht seven-jump process involves clarifying terms, defining problem(s), brainstorming, structuring and hypothesis, learning objectives, independent study and synthesis.
Briefly , it is identifying what students have  known,  what thing students want to comprehend  and how and where to get  information  provided that may guide  to get  the problems way out  . The function  of the instructor or teacher is to facilitate studying  and learning by giving help , guiding, and keeping and eye on them about  the learning process.

 The teacher should develop  students' belief  to involve  on the problem, and make students brave , while also stretching their comprehension . This process is based on constructivism.. Learning by using problems  owned by students represents a paradigm shift from traditional teaching and learning philosophy
 which is more often directive approach . The constructs for teaching Learning by using problems  owned by students are stickily  different from  traditional classroom or lecture teaching and often  needs more  time  allotment  & resources.

The Learning by using problems  owned by students process was pioneered in medical school programs McMaster University in Hamilton. Traditional medical education disenchanted students, who perceived the vast amount of material presented in the first three years of medical school as having little relevance to the practice of medicine and clinically based medicine.

 The Learning by using problems  owned by students  curriculum was developed in order to give the spirit and vivid  learning by permitting  students to know  the relevance and application to the next function to come . It keeps  a higher stage  of motivation towards learning, and shows the necessary  of responsible, professional attitudes with teamwork values. The motivation for learning drives interest because it permit  for choosing  of problems that own  real-world application. and needs.

Learning by using problems  owned by students   has subsequently been adopted by other medical school programs
Advantages of Learning by using problems  owned by students
There are advantages of Learning by using problems  owned by students namely to make  student focus  which give them opportunity to be  active in learning and good  comprehension  and retention of knowledge. It also assists  to increase  life skills and life style which  are suitable  to many purposes
It can be used to develop  content knowledge while simultaneously fostering the development of communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, working together , and self-directed learning skills.. Learning by using problems  owned by students  may put  students to find out the optimal function by using real-world experiences. This strategy also  collective group intellect, differing perspectives which probably  offer different  thinking and paradigm  and solutions to a certain problem.

Disadvantages of Learning by using problems  owned by students
Based on the thinking of  Wood (2003), the biggest  disadvantage to this process involves the utilization of resources and teacher or trainer  facilitation. It needs  more people  to participate an active function  to participate  and group-led discussion and teachers . It is resource-intensive because it requires more physical space and more accessible computer resources to accommodate simultaneous  group-learning.

Students also report uncertainty with information overload and are unable to determine how much study is required and the relevance of information available. Students may not have access to teachers who serve as the inspirational role models that traditional curriculum offers.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Application of Audio Lingual Method in English Lessons Children

The purpose of learning with audio-lingual method makes it easy for children to learn English, especially in remembering the words / sentences. There are several techniques that can be done to implement this method, such as memorization techniques, construct words, equip, frequently asked questions, and so on. With this technique, the teacher can overcome the weaknesses of students in learning. In the study, the need for imitation, practice, and serving to reinforce the child to understand the material being taught., pub-8505768845065041, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
 audio-lingual method, the English language, learning preliminary English is the language learned in schools ranging from elementary level to the high level. In English language learning, there are four skills that need to be controlled, ie listening skills, speaking, writing and reading. For those that administer teacher of English did seem easy but difficult for a child.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The way of becoming profesional teacher

 The way of becoming   profesional teacher   by  doing Holistic approach
The role of teachers in the process of student of learning  increasingly important for future, teacher is no longer become a source of information or the transmission of knowledge to students but rather a facilitator who facilitate student to learn. Conventional ways of teaching, it is proper to be renewed and developed. Hence the importance of teachers' understanding of the various approaches to learning.

     In a holistic or integrated approach, an object would look its meaning when observed as a whole and not separately. This approach is the application of the theory of Gestalt psychology. In learning approach, the application of Gestalt theory can be seen as follows.
1. Experience insight.
2. meaningful Learning
3. Behavior aims.
4. The principle of living space.
5. Transfer of learning.

   The way of becoming profesional teacher by doing holistic teaching can be explain it furthermore, in order to be able to demonstrate the learning process as an integrated process, there are nine points to note are:

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Learning English for Children

Before we talk it more about how to do teaching english for children ,first of all we should know the characteristic and behaviour of students . because some of them have had basic knowledge of english from their but on nthe other hand some of them are still know nothing about englsih. no basic at all .
by considering those opinion  I have my own idea  such as below :

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How to overcome Children Learning Difficulties

Children Learning Difficulties

Problem of learning especially for children is never ended. any how talking about children is very interesting for some  people who has concern about the education itself .indeed to be teacher is very enjoyable ,I can say that because I was teacher formerly. to be together with children can make us happy,lought ,smile and energic . to become teacher needs strong will and loyalty,integrity beside having good personality. 

But any how some time we get something to be solved soon. A child is considered to have learning difficulties when reading, writing and mathematics is lower than the level of age, the results of measuring academic ability and intelegensianya. That is, there are differences between academic results achieved by the average ability of optimal. 

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Tree Gym (Senam pohon krek krek )

Senam pohon ini kelihatannya sangat bagus untuk diterapkan pada anak didik terutama anak yang masih duduk dibangku taman kanak kanak atau sekolah dasar pada kelas awal. dalam video ini diperagakan tentang cara atau gerakan pohon ketika ditiup angin yang mana pohon itu condong ke depan,condong kedepan dan condong kesamping. semuanya melambangkan pergerakan dan keadaan pohon tersebut.

( This is called tree gym,it looks very nice and funny ,beside it can be presented to teach students about  some konds of trees.especially for students of kinder karten or elementary school. by using this gym student can know about the characteristic of tree when the trees are blown by wind. the sounds will be crek crek. )